Harmony Korine has made a secret A24 film with Travis Scott
(Credit: Wikimedia)


Harmony Korine has made a secret A24 film with Travis Scott

Gummo and Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine has supposedly shot a movie with rapper Travis Scott in collaboration with A24.

Back in 2021, both Scott and A24 posted images of a script stained in coffee and blood with most of the title blurred out, apart from the last two letters, ‘IA’, leading fans to speculate that the film will go hand in hand with the rapper’s upcoming album, Utopia. 

In June 2022, Scott posted images of what appeared to be the movie’s production. Men clad in body armour wielding guns can be seen in one photo, and another shows Korine sitting on the edge of a boat. 

However, little has been revealed about the production until The Film Stage posted an update on July 10th, writing, “Today we’ve learned Korine directed Scott in an action-oriented feature film ‘shot entirely in infrared’.”

We still don’t know much about the movie, although we now know it has been test screened at Metrograph in New York. The company recently posted a Tweet that suggests they’ll be screening the new film later this week. 

“This Sunday, July 16th, Metrograph Members will have the chance to attend the first ever screening of a very special filmmaker’s secret new project,” Metrograph wrote. 

Much speculation remains as Scott has reportedly refused to sign off on the film’s release, as reported by The Film Stage via an unnamed source. Thus, fans will have to wait until Sunday to learn more about Utopia‘s potential release.