Gucci Mane wants to sign country stars to his label
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Gucci Mane wants to sign country stars to his label

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane has announced to fans that he wants to branch out into country and western music with his record label 1017 and has admitted that he wishes to sign breakout star Oliver Anthony.

Country and Western music is highly popular among African-Americans in the South and figures within the culture, such as renowned producer Jazzy Phe admitting that he listens to more country than rap music. However, it has always been hard for black individuals to find success within the genre.

Taking to Instagram, Gucci Mane (Radric Davis) asked his many fans to get him connected with Anthony so they can come to a deal, writing, “Aye fam, I need y’all help on this one I’m trying to sign these guys as my first country artists to 1017!!! I need the info asap.”

Although he has yet to hear from Oliver Anthony’s team, Country singer Jake Owen appeared in the comment section under his post, writing, “Let’s Jam.” The business proposal may have been taken up by Davis, but he is extremely keen to sign the money-making star of the moment.

Fans of Gucci Mane found the idea hysterical and even slightly delusional, with fans asking how he could mesh the hip-hop aspect of the label with country. One user wrote, “Will he get a million dollars and an iced-out 1017 chain as well?” While another joked, “An iced-out John Deer Tractor chain is gonna go crazy!”

Many African-American musicians have attempted to make headway in the Country scene. In 2020, there was uproar when Lil Nas X’s song ‘Old Town Road’ was taken off the Country charts as illegitimate. However, acts such as Billy Ray Cyrus supported the star and the lesser-known Cowboy Troy has become a respected Country-rapper over the years.

Oliver Anthony’s ‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ looks like it will become the number one song on next week’s Billboard Hot 100, with around a 100-point lead over the number two song so it may be a bit too late for Gucci to get the star on 1017.