Ghostface Killah teams up with Nas on new single ‘Scar Tissue’
(Credits: Ghostface Killah)


Ghostface Killah teams up with Nas on new single 'Scar Tissue'

Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah and Nas have frequently shown love for one another over the years, and now, they’ve teamed up on the new single ‘Scar Tissue’.

The new track, which arrived on May 3rd, is the first effort to be released from Ghostface Killah’s forthcoming record, Set The Tone. While the upcoming album is yet to receive an official release date, it’s anticipated to arrive later this year.

Ghostface Killah’s new album marks his first solo offering in five years. He’s also set to play a sporadic number of solo dates across the summer, including a residency at the iconic Blue Note Jazz Club in New York next month.

On the new effort, which sees him partner with rap royalty Nas, Ghostface Killah raps: “Bottles of sangria, Monsters jumping out of trucks like a consigliere, Pasta, prawns over lobsters. Oysters, diamond chips, smuggled all in the fish into cold boxes.”

His decision to team up with the Illmatic rapper is somewhat unsurprising, but it’s a welcomed collaboration nonetheless. In 2022, Nas teamed up with Wu-Tang Clan for a co-headline tour of the United States, which sparked Ghostface Killah to praise his friend.

He told Billboard in 2022: “Bombs! Expect bombs. It’s gonna be beautiful, because Nas is my favorite rapper of all time. Him and Genius [GZA] are my favorite rappers, but Nas is that Golden Child.” 

Meanwhile, Nas has previously shared similar statements about Wu-Tang, noting in a documentary about the legendary collective: “The special thing about Wu-Tang being eight or nine guys was that each one was a rapper who can represent his own individual self within that group. They were the example for all of us cause we didn’t really see that before. More power to them… they gave us incredible skill.” 

Listen to ‘Scar Tissue’ below.