G Herbo claims he is the ‘Best Rapper Alive’ with new album
(Credit: Wikimedia/MDWOG)


G Herbo claims he is the 'Best Rapper Alive' with new album

Humble Beast emcee G Herbo has recently announced that he will release a new project this year. However, the album is entitled Best Rapper Alive, and the lyricist (real name Herbert Wright) has backed up the bold claim.

During an interview outside LAX airport in Los Angeles, Wright unveiled that his new veneers have given him the confidence to call himself the best rapper on the plannet.

Elaborating, Herbo explained to TMZ, “I said I was never gettin’ my teeth done, to be honest, and I don’t know, man. I just took a big step, and kind of changed my image for real. It do something mentally to you, too. It make you feel good about yourself, like confident.”

He continued, “I got new music comin’, man. New mixtape. It’s called Best Rapper Alive. I gave it to y’all first, TMZ.” Wright appeared to be positive and in a good space, looking to put a lot of the drama behind him.

Last month, the Chicago rapper received a three-year probation after pleading guilty to using stolen identities to fund private jets, renting a Jamaican villa, and buying designer puppies. Herbo accepted the plea deal in 2023.

The prosecutors wanted to see the Chicago lyricist serve over a year in prison, with 36 months of supervised release following the suggested three-year prison sentence.

However, although Herbo received a three-year probation deal, he has been ordered to pay $139,968 in restitution and forfeiture and a fine of $5,500. He has also previously had to pay $140,000 for legal fees.

According to the sentencing memo obtained by TMZ, the judge presiding over this case deemed that, “Under the circumstances of this case, a sentence of probation will reflect the seriousness of the charge and protect the public.”