Freddie Gibbs discusses rapper robberies: “It’s lose-lose”
(Credit: Carl Pocket)


Freddie Gibbs discusses rapper robberies: "It's lose-lose"

According to Philadelphia rapper Freddie Gibbs, PnB Rock’s robbery and eventual death was totally unavoidable. In an explanation of how for rappers in that predicament, it’s a “lose-lose” situation, regardless of whether you manage to survive or not.  

In his recent app[earance on The Bootleg Kev Podcast, Gibbs expressed his frustration about how many people came out of the woodwork to criticise Rock for wearing his jewellery. Speaking with the host, DJ Bootleg Kev, Gibbs, clearly agitated by the situation, declared, “He wasn’t bothering nobody, man. I don’t give a f*ck where he was at. Nobody should’ve fucked with him. That’s the problem with y’all n*ggas!”

Disappointed with the hip-hop community’s response, the rapper revealed that he was caught in a similar predicament not too long ago in Buffalo, New York. Recalling a close shave with Benny The Butcher’s crew earlier this year, the rapper posed a hypothetical question and asked the host if the narrative would be the same if he had died.

Detailing the situation he was caught in, he explained: “30 muthaf*ckas came to a restaurant I was eating at”. The Indiana rapper then asked the hosts to consider the most likely response from hip hop if he passed, asking: “Would it be Freddie Gibbs was great? Would Akademiks be saying Freddie Gibbs was a great rapper in his post? Since I got jumped, it’s a different thing?”  

Explaining how if Rock willingly gave up jewellery and lived, he would have been clowned by the culture, he ranted: “What if he gave it up and lived? It’s a lose-lose for n*ggas, so what the fuck y’all n*ggas want from us. If I would’ve gave it up, you would’ve clowned me, ‘Oh shit, this bitch-ass n*gga.’ But if I fight for mine and die, ‘Oh man, he shouldn’t even been there.’ Man, suck my dick.”

Evidently heated, the rapper insisted that live or die, it’s a lose-lose for rappers. If they die, they die, but if they live, they will forever be clowned by hip-hop. A sad reality, you can watch the full interview in the video below.