Frank Ocean releases soundbite of new song
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Frank Ocean releases soundbite of new song

Channel Orange singer Frank Ocean has leaked a snippet of his new track for fans, sending them into a fit of excitement. The singer last previewed unreleased material in July 2022, and his followers haven’t received a full-length solo project from the artist since he released Blonde in 2016.

The vocalist took to Instagram on November 9th to post a minute-long snippet of a new, unreleased song. However, the story, which is now no longer available, was recorded by social media users and has been circulating on X.

The enigmatic singer played various snippets of unreleased music on his Apple Music 1 show Blonded Radio in July last year. However, no official songs were released. He has dropped a series of one-off singles, including ‘DHL’, ‘In My Room’, ‘Cayendo’ and ‘Dear April’ but no project has been unveiled to fans.

Two years ago, the singer, who was formerly a member of Odd Future, shared an almost-nine-minute track on Blonded Radio. Unfortunately, nothing followed but fans are used to this elusive behaviour from Ocean. 

Earlier this year, Ocean performed at Coachella and announced that he wasn’t working on a new project. However, he kept details to a minimum. Furthermore, his performance was cut short, which saddened fans.

Speaking onstage about music and why he was performing, he proclaimed, “Not that there’s not a new album. But there’s not right now.” Instead, he said that it was in tribute to his late brother, with whom he used to attend the festival regularly.

Ocean’s enigmatic and elusive behaviour adds to his mystery but, at the same time, frustrates fans who are eager to hear his music. Unlike his former Odd Future counterparts, he has engaged with his fans less and held back far more.

Listen to his latest snippet below.