Foxy Brown is preparing for “the greatest comeback in music”
(Credit: Mika Photography)


Foxy Brown is preparing for “the greatest comeback in music”

Brooklyn emcee Foxy Brown has declared that she will be releasing new material that will see her make the “GREATEST COMEBACK IN MUSIC!” The 45-year-old female artist hasn’t released a full-length project in 15 years but has been teasing her fans.

On November 28th, the lyricist (real name Inga Marchand) shared an Instagram story that she later deleted, sharing news about her life with followers and hyping up what she insists is her new upcoming material.

Writing her announcement in all-caps, Marchand posted, “QUIETLY RAISING MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL, PREPARING FOR THE GREATEST COMEBACK IN MUSIC! [Fire emojis] HOP OFF MY DICK!” Foxy is an artist still heavily associated with the 1990s and, akin to Lil’ Kim, has not really seen much commercial success since the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The rhymer’s last full-length studio album was 2001’s Broken Silence, and her most recent release was her 2008 mixtape Brooklyn’s Don Diva. However, upcoming music was not the only thing the artist addressed on social media.

It has long been rumoured Marchand dated Jay-Z during the 1990s when they were both making a name for themselves on the Brooklyn underground. The pair were also collaborators. Insisting the hearsay is all false, Marchand wrote, “FAKE FAIRYTALE NEWS! I UNDERSTAND THE VOID I’VE LEFT IN MY ABSENCE. BUT THE FOX & HOV LIES ARE PATHETIC AT THIS POINT!”

Although Marchand denies the claims, in 2021, she posted a throwback picture of herself and the mogul embracing one another on social media for his birthday, writing: “Thank You Hovy For all the G that you taught me So “my PEN be STUPID.”

Users began commenting on various things after the post, with many even bringing Beyoncé into the conversation, with talks of cheating and more. However, Foxy ended that quickly, writing, “And I love B. Hop off my dick.”