New footage captures Costa Titch just before he died
(Credit: YouTube still)


New footage captures Costa Titch just before he died

New footage captures the moment South African rapper Costa Titch collapsed on stage during his weekend performance in Johannesburg. He passed away shortly afterwards.

In the video, Costa can be seen running on stage at the Ultra South Africa concert in Johannesburg in a white shirt. The footage then cuts to the rapper performing another track later in the concert. He appears to reach out for one of his backing singers before collapsing. He gets back up but then falls down a second time.

Following the incident, emergency responders attempted to resuscitate the rapper but could not save him. His cause of death has not yet been revealed. Costa’s family thanked the first responders, while an Utra South Africa venue rep said they’re devastated by his death and that he will be remembered as a “talented rapper, dancer, singer, songwriter, collaborator and friend to the festival.”

Best known for his hit song ‘Big Flexa’, Costa was signed by Akon to his Konvict Muzik imprint. The musician has since paid tribute to the 298-year-old rapper, describing him as “hardworking” and reiterating that he died doing what he loved.

“Costa Titch had a vision that I knew for sure would take over the music industry globally and was on his way to doing just that when god’s plan intervened, Akon wrote. “It’s been a sad day but what makes me feel better is that I know he died doing what he loved doing the most in this world. God bless you COSTA!!!!!”

You can watch the footage of Costa’s final performance above.