Flo Rida wins $82 million lawsuit against Celsius energy drink
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Flo Rida wins $82 million lawsuit against Celsius energy drink

Flo Rida has won a whopping lawsuit worth $82 million following a lengthy legal battle with the energy drink company Celsius.

Flo Rida began the legal dispute with Celsius Holding Inc. back in May 2021 after claiming that they failed to make additional payments to him for stock shares as per a contractual agreement that was signed in 2014. 

This resulted in the Florida rapper suing Celsius Holding Inc. for breach of contract. When the jury filed in his favour on Wednesday (January 18th), the rapper reportedly won a settlement in the lofty region of $82 million. 

Since then, Flo Rida’s celebration in the court has since gone viral. “I just want to say God is good,” he declared, before announcing, “in Jesus’s name,” and taking a swig from a can of the drink over which he had just triumphed. Many fans have since recreated this comic kick in the teeth. 

Speaking to NBC 6, Flo Rida announced: “This was a long journey, but we prevailed. From the start, I only wanted what I worked for, nothing more, nothing less. I gained a new respect for the judicial system, most importantly, and I just want to say God bless America.”

The court case has become somewhat of a sensation over on TikTok with both a clip of Flo Rida taking a sip trending and the moment his track was played in court before the jury which so him busting a few moves in the booth.

You can check out the rappers reaction to the verdict below.