Flavor Flav Crashes Nas show on N.Y. State of Mind Tour
(Credit: Angela R)


Flavor Flav Crashes Nas show on N.Y. State of Mind Tour

Legendary Queensbridge MC and Illmatic creator Nas has recently been on a nationwide tour of America, and, much to his surprise, during his Michigan show, former Public Enemy hypeman Flavor Flav sprung onstage to accompany the rapper as he performed ‘Made You Look’ from his 2002 album God’s Son.

The hypeman and rapper, known for his clock chain and comical dance moves, was cheered on by the crowd, and Nas himself seemingly loved it from his response. Unlike Brooklyn rapper Lil’ Mama, who crashed Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ set at the 2009 VMA’s, Flavor Flav was met with open arms when he hit the stage with Nas.

A man of great spirit, as soon as Flav hit the stage, he immediately started comically dancing along to the song. Embracing the former Public Enemy rapper, Nas exclaimed, “go Flav, go Flav!” encouraging him to continue bringing the good vibes.

When the performance finished, Nas even took time to pay homage to the 63-year-old rapper, screaming, “Flavor Flav! Public Enemy on stage!” proceeding to perform a bowing motion directed at the rapper.

This nationwide tour from Nas commenced on August 30th in Missouri and, entitled ‘N.Y State Of Mind’, the rapper is being accompanied by Staten Island crew The Wu-Tang Clan. The 25-city tour will take Nas and The Wu-Tang Clan across the United States and even Canada, with a date in Toronto. The tour will come to an end in Los Angeles on October 4th.

The tour is bound to see more special guests. The first show in Hollywood saw Busta Rhymes appear as an unexpected special guest for fans and, as for Flavor Flav, he’s made crashing shows a full-time hobby. The rapper even ran up on a Wiz Khalifa set, who is co-headlining the Logic tour. It’s good to see the rapper is not slowing down anytime soon. 

You can watch the full video of Flava Flav at the Nas show below.