Fetty Wap sentenced to six years in drug trafficking case
(Credit: Fetty Wap)


Fetty Wap sentenced to six years in drug trafficking case

New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap has just been sentenced to six years in federal prison following a drug trafficking case that saw him arrested for drug possession and conspiracy to distribute cocaine. The ‘Trap Queen’ emcee’s sentence follows a decision by the Long Island federal court to ignore the prosecution’s suggestion that the musician receive 87 years.

The minimum sentence for conspiracy to distribute narcotics in the state of New York is five years, and Wap will be serving a mere one year more than the minimum. Earlier this month, the lyricist’s attorney Elizabeth Macedonio pleaded with the judge presiding over the case to rule in favour of the rapper by imposing the state minimum. Her argument being that the rapper only trafficked drugs for income due to Covid. However, following this ruling, the ‘Sweet Yamz’ act will remain incarcerated until 2029.

New Jersey-born rapper pleaded guilty to the charges in 2021 following his arrest at Rolling Loud. During legal proceedings, the prosecution presented the emcee’s lyrics and music videos as evidence that he glamorises the drug trade.

Breon Peace (attorney for the Eastern District) passionately proclaimed, “Young people who admire the defendant and are considering selling drugs need to be sent a message that selling drugs is not a glamorous lifestyle and, if they participate in that trade, they will receive lengthy prison sentences.”

However, the evidence did not warrant an 87-year sentence, according to the judge. Following his release, the musician will also have five years of probation. After the verdict, Breon Peace suggested increasing the sentence to nine years.

According to the New York Times, the rapper apologised for his actions before being sentenced. “I only ever wanted to help my family,” he said. “I never asked myself if it was all the way right.” The rapper will now be transferred to a New York correctional facility immediately.