Father of YNW Melly alleged victim speaks out
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Father of YNW Melly alleged victim speaks out

The father of one of the alleged victims in YNW Melly‘s double murder trial has spoken out, claiming he is convinced of the Florida rapper’s guilt. 

Melly – real name Jamell Maurice Demons – and Cortlen Malik Henry, also known as YNW Bortlen, are accused of killing two people in October 2018, YNW Juvy (Christopher Thomas Jr.) and YNW Sakchaser (Anthony Williams). All four were part of the same rap collective, Young N***a World.

In a new interview with Law & Crime, Juvy’s father – Christopher Thomas Sr – said that he believes the dispute was around selling the YNW brand for “marketing and licensing”. He said: “Melly was gonna get $200,000, Sak was gonna get $200,000, Chris was gonna get $100,000”. He then claimed that Melly wanted more money than the other founders, which led to the fatal altercation. 

“From day one, I believed that Melly was responsible for my son’s death on October 26,” Thomas Sr continued. Furthermore, the “demeanour” and “body language” of the accused makes him think that the duo are responsible for the murder of his son and Sakchaser.

He said: “When I finally talked to [Melly] and Cortlen on FaceTime, their response and how they reacted — they showed no remorse. They didn’t act like they was grievin,’ like they lost a best friend or nothin’… in my opinion, they were in the best spirits. They never came to town, never came to my son’s funeral.”

Alleging the insincerity of Melly, Juvy’s father claimed that “his defence attorney got him wearin’ turtle necks to hide his neck,’ cause he got ‘Jamell’ tatted on his neck — that’s Sak mom’s name. And he got Chris name and Sak name.”

“These are best friends … he couldn’t even stop and pay his condolences to his best friend’s mom,” Thomas Sr added. “I have no words for that guy.”