Fat Joe says Drake wanted to be on ‘All The Way Up’ remix
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Fat Joe says Drake wanted to be on 'All The Way Up' remix

Terror Squad founder and Bronx legend Fat Joe recently appeared on the iconic Rap Radar podcast. During his conversation with the hosts Elliott Wilson and Brian’ B. Dot’ Miller, the ‘What’s Luv’ musician revealed that Drake was desperate to appear on the 2016 remix of his hit ‘All The Way Up.’

In 2016, following the release of his Terror Squad counterpart Remy Ma from prison, Fat Joe teamed up with his crewmate and French Montana to release the hip-hop anthem ‘All The Way Up.’ The single from his collaborative project, Plata O Plomo, was an unescapable triple-platinum track. 

However, according to the emcee, real name Jose Cartagena, Drake was eager to appear on the track’s remix. Although Drizzy never ended up on the song, the lyricist did have explain why their plans collapsed.

Disclosing the details, Cartagena stated, “Drake FaceTimed me three times trying to get on ‘All The Way Up.’ Three times. Middle of the night. ‘Send me the instrumental, send me the instrumental, send me the instrumental.'”

However, as a New York native, Fat Joe had other plans and was desperate to collaborate with Jay-Z, the biggest rapper in the world with whom he’d never previously worked with.

Admitting he could have had Drake on the remix, Cartagena divulged. “I wish I would’ve got Drake on there, right? But the fact of all the history of me and Jay-Z, I was like, ‘It gotta be just me and Jay-Z.'”

Fat Joe revealed that since 2016, Drake has never asked him to do a song again but explained he didn’t just want a track to be an all-star posse cut, stating, “I’ve been doing this for hip-hop my whole life. I gave my life to hip-hop for real, for real. Anybody who truly understands, this is the moment. It [wasn’t] just gon’ be a posse cut, it [wasn’t] gon’ be… you know. And this the last time Drake ever asked me to do a song.” You can hear Cartagena explain more below.