Fans says Kanye West is in Africa after being reported missing by ex-manager
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Fans says Kanye West is in Africa after being reported missing by ex-manager

The controversial agent of chaos that is Kanye West is back in the headlines again. However, this time it is nothing to do with what he’s said; it’s ironically to do with his lack of communication. For the 2022’s final weeks and months, hip-hop fans and onlookers alike watched the rapper carry out online acts of self-destruction. Still, the fact that he is now completely silent has actually unnerved individuals. 

Amidst the rapper and entrepreneur’s silence, alleged missing reports have emerged on social media and are spreading like wildfire. However, some Ye fans are insistent that the 45-year-old rapper is located in Ghana for reasons still unknown.

According to the online entertainment publication HITC, various missing rumours surfaced following a statement the artist’s former manager made. The statement expressed concerns about the rapper and his whereabouts. This all follows Ye’s recent cease of communication. 

A tweet sent out by music publication Daily Loud reading, “Kanye West has reportedly been missing and unable to find for weeks, according to his ex-business manager”, caused fans to go into a frenzy, resulting in the tweet going viral. Gathering over 8.4 million views within just hours, the tweet created a social media firestorm.

However, according to fans in Ghana and outside of the country. West is in Africa performing at the Black Star Line Festival. A festival held in dedication to the African diaspora. Taking to Twitter, a series of tweets were made. One user wrote, “Kanye West in Ghana. Ghana would be great again.” Another added, “Kanye west being the surprise art at the festival is a big win for Ghana.” Another fan even suggested that the African festival will trump New York’s Global Citizen Festival, writing, “Kanye West is in Ghana, and #BlackStarLineFestival will be bigger and better than #GlobalCitizenFestival!”

West’s exact location is yet to be disclosed as he has still not communicated with fans or those close to him as to where he is exactly. However, many of his Ghanaian fans have assured social media that he is indeed performing in Ghana as a special guest. You can read the initial HITC tweet that recently broke the internet.