Fans hospitalised after tragic crowd crush at Asake concert
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Fans hospitalised after tragic crowd crush at Asake concert

When Nigerian singer Asake announced that he would be playing at the Brixton O2 academy earlier this year, fans were in heaven. However, what was meant to be a night of enjoyment quickly turned into hell as, last night, fans attempted to force their way inside the venue, which then led to a crowd crush.

It has been reported that marshalls made masses of ticket-holding fans wait outside the London venue in freezing, sub-zero temperatures, which, in turn, led to many defiantly forcing their way inside. Following a breach of the doors, it is said that thousands of outraged attendees flooded into the ticket hall, creating a frenzy.

In the process of this breach, four fans were hospitalised, and others were left severely injured. As the situation worsened, law enforcement was called to the scene and ordered the show be stopped immediately.
The venue subsequently cancelled the concert.

Confused about what was happening, fans inside the concert hall were told, “The reason we have to stop the show is because they have breached the doors. You’ve got 3,000 people who have broken the doors outside, and because of security, the police have asked us to close the show.”

The announcement was met with booing before Asake explained, “This is nothing to do with us… There are people who’ve breached the door!” Lambeth police have since stated that many of the individuals left outside were not ticket holders and that the venue had reached maximum capacity when doors were shut.

Metropolitan police, the London Fire Brigade and even the ambulance service were at the scene. Eight people were taken to hospital, with four still in critical condition as a result of the injuries they obtained in the crowd crush. Lambeth Police will soon initiate an official investigation as to what happened.

Below you can see footage of the scene in Brixton.