Faith Evans once visited 2Pac while married to Biggie Smalls
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Faith Evans once visited 2Pac while married to Biggie Smalls

2Pac was a fiery character and had various feuds during his career, most notably with New York emcee Biggie Smalls. Following an attempted shooting and robbery at Manhattan’s Quad Studios, the California artist gunned for Biggie Smalls and his family, including his then-wife, Faith Evans.

After his attempted shooting, 2Pac (real name Tupac Shakur) was insistent that Biggie Smalls had coordinated it. The ongoing tension culminated in a 1996 diss track entitled ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ that saw Shakur claim that he had sexual relations with Biggie Smalls’ wife and more.

During an appearance on The Art of Dialogue podcast, West Coast emcee and former member of Tha Dogg Pound, Kurupt, unveiled that he was present when Faith Evans visited Can-Am studios in Tarzana, where Death Row used to record at the height of ‘Pac and Biggie’s feud.

During the interview, Kurupt (real name Ricardo Brown) unveiled that Faith’s visit to the studio was before Shakur had recorded ‘Hit Em Up’ on which he claimed to have slept with Faith — shortly after the singer’s rendezvous with the lyricist.

Recalling the visit, Brown explained, “When ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ dropped, that was around the time everything was fresh. 2Pac and Biggie was fresh, because this was after Faith came to the studio. She came to work and, you know, we was all looking like, ‘Damn! That’s Faith, cuz!’… Then he made ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ [laughs]. That fast.”

Kurupt remembered that Shakur was the first person she had bumped into when she pulled up to Can-Am and, knowing the feud’s toxicity, admitted that he swiftly left the premises, stating, “She walked in — boom! ‘What’s up, Kurupt?’ I looked. ‘Damn!’ I’m like, ‘Wow, I’m going home [laughs]. I’m finna go home ’cause this right here? This is real. This is Biggie’s wife — with ‘Pac, though. So I’m just gonna go home. I don’t wanna be up here for this, this is a lot.'”

He continued, “As soon as they went in the studio to go work, I said, ‘I’m going home, cuz. I don’t want Faith to be calling back to New York telling Biggie she saw Kurupt.’ She gonna say that, but I’m gone! ‘Cause Biggie’s my homeboy and ‘Pac is my brother.”

Faith Evans had a son with Biggie Smalls but has always denied that she slept with Shakur. In her 2009 memoir, Keep the Faith, Evans recalled visiting the lyricist’s hotel room after the studio session to collect a cheque for her work on the track but claimed the rapper also asked her for oral sex, writing, “[He said] ‘So you not trying to suck my dick?’ ‘What!’ I screamed. ‘What are you talking about?’ Tupac raised his voice. ‘You know you want to suck my dick, bitch! Don’t fucking lie.’ I burst into tears and grabbed my purse. ‘I have to get outta here.'”

You can listen to Kurpt’s interview in the video below.