Fabolous & Jim Jones share visuals for  Pusha T ‘Diet Coke’ remix
(Credit: YouTube)


Fabolous & Jim Jones share visuals for Pusha T 'Diet Coke' remix

Fabolous and Jim Jones have shared the video for their Pusha T ‘Diet Coke’ remix.

They first aired the track back in February, and Pusha T instantly approved the freestyle on his Instagram page. The rapper shared their take on his stories along with a series of rocket emojis after it first dropped back in February.

Jones raps: “Yesterday’s price is not today’s yay’s price (Negative), It’s forty-seven K just to get a K of white, Told ’em shorty don’t play, I had this .40 sprayin’ light, Got the switch on that shit, they had thought I sprayed the pipe, Pumpin’ the ‘caine like some sort of eighties night (Call that), Sneakin’ that white girl in my room just so she can stay the night.”

Meanwhile, Fab spits: “Ayo, yesterday’s price is not today’s price, And yesterday’s life is not today’s life, You know yesterday’s wife, but that’s not today’s wife, ‘Cause now they aftermath like Dr. Dre’s, Look, a hustler gone broke, that’s a joke, right? (Joke, right?) Good on all that, yeah, that’s GOAT life (GOAT life).”

Interestingly, Jones unnecessarily brought Pusha T into his feud with Drake back in 2018. However, seemingly, King Push didn’t take his words to heart and permitted them to take on ‘Diet Coke’.

“I still haven’t heard a Pusha T song in my lifetime,” he told Joe Budden. “Anywhere that I’m at, I can’t ask a n**** to sing a Pusha T song. He be like, ‘Blah blah blah.’ Everybody be like, ‘Grindin’.’

“I can put it on – the average man, the average hip-hop listener, the average n* in the street… [you gotta be] a real hip-hop n*. Like, you gotta study hip-hop, damn near. As good as he does, nobody knows his music that I know. You couldn’t tell me a verse. But if I say give me a Drake song right now, you could. You ain’t gotta think about it.”

Listen to the collaboration below.