Exploring Q-Tip’s 9,000 vinyl record collection
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Exploring Q-Tip's 9,000 vinyl record collection

Q-Tip is an icon of the hip hop world. His work with A Tribe Called Quest is about as perfect as a rapper can achieve. Fluid with his flow and vibrant with his choices of samples, Q-Tip is widely regarded as a true pioneer of the hip hop world. So when you get the opportunity to dive into his record collection, you do not pass it up.

That was precisely what CBS was afforded when Tip invited Gayle King to come and have a peek at his stack of vinyl to celebrate the release of the final A Tribe Called Quest album. It was a truly motivating clip for all record collectors everywhere. Below, we can share that clip.

“Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said you have a record collection,” she exclaimed. “This is like a record store!” That was the reaction we imagine everyone has when they walk in to see Q-Tip standing next to his 9,000 vinyl records. Tip is clearly proud of it too.

Tip makes no bones about enjoying his vast collection of records, encountering genres such as Latin, African, funk, jazz, soul, hip and a whole mess of 12″ and 45s specials that would likely give most collectors a hefty bout of admiration. Of course, there was one thing missing for King as she poked her nose around the 9,000 records.

“Where’s the country section?” asked King. “I don’t have country, that’s nestled in my rock section,” replied Tip as he shook off the ludicrous demand. When faced with one of the pioneers of hip hop showing you their collection, we suggest you don’t ask about the country music section.

Tip does, however, have a particular fondness for The Beatles, showing off his valuable collection of first pressed Fab Four LPs. You can watch the full video below.