Erick Sermon thinks hip-hop is “stuck in one place”
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Erick Sermon thinks hip-hop is "stuck in one place"

Erick Sermon has voiced his concerns about the present state of hip-hop, disapproving of the prevailing trends that he deems inconsistent with the art form he played a role in pioneering.

In a recent interview with the Say Word! Podcast this week, the co-founder of EPMD didn’t mince words when expressing his views on the current state of the genre.

“I just think that hip-hop is just not hip-hop,” he began. “I just think that they should change the name. No disrespect, but that’s not what that is […] Hip Hop can evolve, but this is not evolving. Evolving is Melle Mel to Rakim stage to the whole nine, to Wu-Tang [Clan] to Murder Inc., DMX — that’s evolving. Y’know, Cam’ron. Y’know, Dipset — that’s evolving.”

The legendary rapper continued to pick out names of artists who he felt pushed the culture forward and brought originality to their sound, including Soulja Boy and Ludacris.

But he doubled down on the state of the scene right now: “Music is in somewhat of a bind because it’s stuck in one place.”

Sermon has room to talk too, with EPMD, he has left an indelible mark on the genre. Known for his innovative production style and distinct flow, he played a pivotal role in shaping the golden era of hip-hop. Sermon continues to influence and contribute to the culture, leaving a lasting legacy.

Watch the iconic rapper make his bold statement in the podcast below.