Enchanting, Gucci Mane’s artist currently on life support
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Enchanting, Gucci Mane's artist currently on life support

Texas female emcee Enchanting is currently on child support for unknown reasons. The talented rapper signed with Gucci Mane in 2020 and still remains on the 1017 roster. ENchanting released her debut project, No Luv, in 2022 and was preparing to release another album this year. However, that has now been sidelined.

The announcement that Enchanting (real name Channing Larry) had been placed on life support came from her sister Kayy Jayy, who told her friends and family via a post on Facebook detailing her sister’s condition.

However, after fans found out that she had been placed on life support for over 24 hours, some assumed that she had already passed away. This angered Kayy Jayy a great deal, who responded to all those claiming her sister was dead.

Refuting all of the claims, Kayy Jayy wrote of Facebook, “Can y’all stop posting you have actual facts,” she explained. “She’s still fighting, she’s not dead… I’m here at the hospital. My sister is not dead.”

Before this incident, Enchanting had been highly productive, and fans saw abundant features and singles. She appeared on the 2023 songs ‘RATCHET MONDAY’ by Lonny Cash and ‘Slide’ by Destiny Briona, as well as the 2024 single ‘Because of You’ by Campaign Reezo.

Speaking about wanting to support other female MCs, in a 2023 interview with the Dallas Observer, Enchanting explained, “It’s looking hopeful for more and more women to just continue to blow up! I feel like it was a male-dominated sport, but now it’s becoming more feminine-dominated. I love that for the girls.”

Enchanting also spoke about her love for songwriting and how making music always came naturally to her, detailing, “I feel like music was always something that was easy for me. I felt like I was musically inclined, always. It was something that I thought I should probably put more time and effort into because it was natural, you know, instead of trying to force a talent.”