Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’ rap battle opponent has reportedly died
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Eminem's '8 Mile' rap battle opponent has reportedly died

Eminem’s debut semi-autobiographical 2002 film, 8 Mile, was a huge success when released. The motion picture, which featured classics such as ‘Lose Yourself’ and ‘Wanksta’ on its soundtrack, grossed over $242million at the box office with a budget of only $41million. However, one of its stars has reportedly passed away. 

The actor (real name Nashawn Breedlove) played the role of Lotto in the 2002 film and was one of the only characters in the movie to compete and win in a battle against Eminem’s character, B-Rabbit.

Breedlove’s death was first reported by Bronx emcee Mickey Factz, who posted a tribute to the actor on social media, writing, “RIP to one of the few emcees to beat Eminem… Lotto from 8 Mile. Who’s friends lovingly called him OX. You will be missed for your tenacity and aggressiveness.”

Many other artists have since come out to celebrate the late rapper, including the renowned battle rapper Daylyt, who commented on Factz’s post, responding, “The first mc who was ever robbed of his win in a rap battle! Rip Lotto.”

Pete Rock, Onyx and Grafh also reacted to Breedlove’s death in the comments section. However, his passing is yet to be officially confirmed by a credible outlet. Even Breedlove’s family have not made a statement.

Breedlove was not just an actor but also an underground musician who featured on the soundtrack to the 2001 Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and DJ Pooh film The Wash under his rap name Ox.

Eminem’s 2002 film has lost many of its stars. The film’s director, Curtis Hanson, died in 2016. Furthermore, Proof, Brittany Murphy and De’Angelo Wilson have also passed away since the film was released.