Eminem to appear on Netflix’s ‘Rhythm + Flow’ with DJ Khaled
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Eminem to appear on Netflix’s 'Rhythm + Flow' with DJ Khaled

Netflix has announced that Eminem will join DJ Khaled, Latto and Ludacris as a co-host of the iconic hip-hop series Rhythm + Flow. The competition aimed at discovering the next prominent emcee believes that bringing in Eminem will help boost the ratings and evolve the show. 

In a statement released by Netflix, the Vice President of Nonfiction Series Brandon Riegg wrote, “We are taking things up a notch with a new cast of global hitmakers in our judges and a new pool of undiscovered artists.”

He continued, “Hip-Hop continues to evolve, so it’ll be thrilling to see Ludacris, Latto, and DJ Khaled mentoring contestants during their journeys, along with legendary guest judges like Eminem providing their own brand of insight and advice. We saw this type of life-changing mentorship play out with past contestants whose musical geniuses reached massive audiences across our global platform.”

This latest trio of DJ Khaled, Latto and Ludacris replaces the last series’ judges, Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I. Production and filing ins already underway, and the streaming platform has announced that the show will premiere later this year.

The series’ executive producers, Jesse Collins and Dionne Harmon, also released a statement, reading, “In this significant moment for the genre, the focus extends beyond the music alone. We’re seeking unconventional voices and authentic stories that peel back layers and invite fans to immerse themselves in the contestants’ world as we spotlight the continually evolving spirit of Hip-Hop.”

The first series of Rhythm + Flow debuted on Netflix in 2019. Grammy Award nominee D Smoke won the show’s first season. The show halted filming as a result of the pandemic. However, in a 2021 interview with AllHipHop, D Smoke admitted, “I was extremely competitive on Rhythm + Flow.”

He continued, “A lot of people believed in me from the jump, but from my perspective, it was like, if I didn’t pull out all stops at every point in time, it was anybody’s to take. So, those things definitely played a role in me having this opportunity now to be on a global platform.”

You can watch the 2024 Rhythm + Flow trailer below.