Eminem once named his favourite Eminem song of all time
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Eminem once named his favourite Eminem song of all time

In a celebration chat with fans to honour over twenty years since the release of his ground-breaking The Marshall Mathers LP, Detroit rapper Eminem provided some revelations concerning his taste in music. Speaking about hip-hop, the musician disclosed everything from his favourite track to the highest-quality rap verse ever.

The event, which took place in 2020, was promoted as a listening party and online Q&A with fans. Following a full album playthrough, the chat room opened. Soon after, it was flooded with compelling and intriguing questions for the rapper, which he carefully navigated to provide fans with some hot takes and previously undisclosed opinions. The ‘Stan’ lyricist has never been shy to share his opinion, especially concerning other artists and their music. The streaming party (sponsored by Spotify) gave him an unfiltered platform to express his views on the current state of the culture and to reflect on bygone eras.

After reflecting on the project he and his fans had just heard in its entirety, Slim Shady perused the chat and began engaging with his most loyal followers. Speaking on The Marshall Mathers LP, the musician unveiled that his favourite rhyme sequence of the project is the second verse on ‘I’m Back’. Akin to the documentary he made alongside Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine of Aftermath Entertainment, he disclosed the details of his creative process. Moreover, he delved into how the said process evolved with each project.

In what was a raucous, overcrowded online chat, to say the least, one Mathers fan asked the hitmaker what he considers his best track of all time. The rapper was quick to type his response. Hastily responding to the question, Slim Shady wrote, “Favourite song… ‘FACK’!” He continued, “‘Fack’ is a lyrical masterpiece…I KNOW!” Mathers also announced some other weird and wonderful hot takes. The ‘Lose Yourself’ artist unveiled some of his most beloved actors. Revealing his four favourites, the star wrote, “Favourite actor…Denzel, Mark Wahlberg, or Stallone”. Realizing he had forgotten to highlight another, he quickly proclaimed, “Or Pacino!”

The online Q&A was so jam-packed that the host website even began glitching due to the overwhelming number of participants. However, they had much cause for celebration. The Marshall Mathers LP was a ground-breaking body of work and, to this day, is one of the highest-selling hip-hop albums ever. In its first week, the project sold 1.78 million copies topping Snoop Dogg’s 1993 record for Doggystyle. It is the highest-selling album of all time, second to only The Eminem Show, which Mathers would release in 2002. You can listen to the Detroit act’s favourite track, ‘FACK’, in the video below.