Eminem once named his favourite movie of all time
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Eminem once named his favourite movie of all time

Eminem has had what can only be described as a breathtaking journey in his career. From being homeless, working fast food jobs and battle-rapping in the grimiest parts of Detroit, the young man was quickly flung into fame and was soon a Diamond-certified artist

Eminem is a hip-hop legend and has made a semi-autobiographical movie himself. However, that does not mean that the rapper has no interest in other films. On the contrary, the emcee (real name Marshall Mathers) is an avid movie watcher and has a few favourites of his own. 

The Detroit lyricist is a fan of one actor in particular, and over the years, the two have even developed a friendship. It may surprise many that Mathers is an excellent friend of Jonah Hill. The actor is also an admirer of Eminem’s work, and the two have long had mutual respect for each other.

Mathers has spurred Hill on for years. From Get Him To The Greek to Superbad, the ‘Stan’ act has always been supportive of the actor and his endeavours. In fact, although Mathers had a small role, both individuals featured in the movie Funny People. 

In 2009, at the MTV Movie Awards, Hill sang Eminem’s praises, stating, “He’s, like, an awesome guy, [and] when I saw him, he’s like, ‘Come back and hang out,’ so we went back in the trailer. Me and all his friends talked for a while, and he’s really cool. He’s a really awesome guy.”

In fact, while the two celebrities were getting to know each other and hanging out, Hill disclosed that Eminem revealed to him his favourite movie. Disclosing to MTV what Mathers had unveiled, Hill divulged, “Eminem says his favourite movie is ‘Superbad,’ ever of all time, and he said to me, I’m not kidding. He said if there was an award for best movie ever, he thinks Superbad should win. He quoted all the scenes to me.”

Superbad was released in 2007 and starred Emma Stone, Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, and Bill Hader. The hilarious comedy tells the story of two nerds landing themselves in deep trouble after a night of debauchery and drunkenness. The film won ‘Best Comedy Movie’ at the Critics Choice Awards and is among one of many comical films Hill has featured in.