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Eminem forgot he was in Dre’s ‘Still D.R.E’ video

Legendary rapper Eminem appears to have forgotten that he appeared in Dr. Dre’s ‘Still D.R.E’ music video. In conversation with Snoop Dogg, promoting his new single ‘From The D 2 The LBC’, Eminem and Snoop talked about old projects, including 2001’s The Wash and Dre’s hit single.

Snoop mentions Eminem’s brief appearance in the music video, to which Eminem replies with confusion, “Was I in that video?” Snoop explains, “Yeah you was running on the beach. That was like your debut album.”

“I was?” said Eminem. “Why the fuck do I not remember? What the fuck? You gotta show me that shit ’cause I don’t remember.”

Eventually, Snoop shows him the video, a reminder that Eminem had a cameo running along the beach in his boxers, surrounded by women. ““Oh yeah! OK, OK. Now I remember.” Eminem had been confused with the ‘Forgot About Dre’ single and could not remember a beach scene in that track’s video.

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg has admitted that Eminem challenged his rapping skills during the recording of ‘From The D 2 The LBC’, claiming, “You challenge me, Marshall. You put me back in my karate school days, where I used to be a young MC and, you know, loved the challenge of having to try new styles and new cadences. The rap game is supposed to be challenging; it’s supposed to make you dig in your bag ‘cause I’ve heard you on other songs with other rappers, and you tend to show out, so I wanted to make sure I was going to represent.”

The track was recorded for Eminem’s forthcoming greatest hits album, Curtain Call 2, more than twenty years after the two rapping heroes joined forces and collaborated on The Marshall Mathers LP’s ‘Bitch Please II’.