Eminem announces new album: ‘The Death of Slim Shady’
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Eminem announces new album: 'The Death of Slim Shady'

Encore rapper Eminem has announced he will release a new album this year entitled The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce). The Detroit musician first introduced the world to Eminem in 1997 with the release of The Slim Shady EP. However, it appears the rapper is now putting an end to his iconic alter-ego. 

The rapper took to Twitter/X on April 26th to announce the release of the project, writing, “THE DEATH OF SLIM SHADY (COUP DE GRÂCE). Summer 2024.” He also uploaded a trailer to accompany the post. 

The trailer sees a mock news reporter reporting on the murder of Slim Shady. During the clip, the reporter states, “Through his complex and oft-criticized, tongue-twisting rhymes, the blonde anti-hero known as Slim Shady has had no shortage of enemies.”

The camera then cuts to 50 Cent, Eminem’s long time collaborator and friend who, referring to Slim Shady, says, “He’s not a friend, he’s a psychopath.” The 8 Mile artist is renowned for using his alter-ego for saying some disturbing, controversial things.

The reporter adds, “The same rude lyrics and controversial antics may have ultimately led to his demise. Join me as we recreate the events that led to the murder of Slim Shady.” 

Eminem appears at the end of the trailer, saying, “I knew it was just a matter of time for Slim.” Although Eminem has revealed it will hit streaming platforms sometime in the summer, no official release date has been provided.

Earlier this year on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dr Dre revealed he has made some contributions to the body of work telling fans, “Eminem is working on his own album, which is coming out this year. I actually talked to him and he said it was okay for me to make that announcement right here on this show. So he has an album coming out, I’ve got songs on it and it’s fire.”

You can see the trailer below.