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Drake's mansion broken into by man claiming to be his son

Drake’s Beverly Hills mansion has been broken into by a 23-year-old man claiming to be the Canadian rapper’s son.

TMZ has reported that an employee of the house had noticed a young intruder lurking near the pool on Friday, July 15th. The police were called and took the man into questioning, where he claimed that Drake, 35, was his father. The claim, however, was dismissed as he had previously been arrested for misdemeanour trespassing.

The man never actually made it as far as Drake’s house. However, further details of the intruder’s break-in have yet to be revealed. This isn’t the only recent time that Drake has had a conflict with the law. Rumours on social media indicated that the Canadian rapper had been arrested at a nightclub in Stockholm, though Drake’s management denied this.

However, Drake later posted an image online of an official Swedish police document, suggesting that he had at least interacted with the authorities in some regard.

The document was called ‘Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained’. It details the rights someone who has been arrested has and is similar to the ‘Miranda Rights’ used in the United States. It remains to be seen as to what Drake had been detained for.

Drake recently announced three events in a series of concerts called ‘October World Weekend’ – an expansion of his music festival, OVO Fest. The festival was criticised by fans who were outraged at the cost of tickets, claiming that general admission prices were constantly climbing as they were trying to buy them.

The first show will take place Thursday, July 28th, and will be headlined by an ensemble of ‘Canadian All-Stars, though the exact billing is yet to be confirmed.