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Drake’s management deny he was arrested in Sweden

Amid widespread speculation that Drake had been arrested in Sweden, his management have issued a statement claiming that the reports are false. 

It had been rumoured by fan reports that the rapper had been arrested in a Stockholm nightclub after an altercation was apparently spotted involving the star. However, his management have since denied this. 

Drake’s management simply said that he was in his hotel room in the Swedish capital and that they were miffed by the erroneous speculation being spouted online. So far, this seems to have been ratified by the authorities who have not issued any news of an arrest. 

It would appear that he was simply taking a little city break in his baby blue private jet – why wouldn’t you – and he visited various hot spots in the city’s swanky Östermalm district where he uploaded snaps dining in Ciccio’s restaurant. 

Aside from that, Drake seemingly was just living his life getting up to tourist activities. He does not appear to be recording and he certainly seems to be cuff free despite what BigLadJay123 might have said about things. 

Last month, the star released his seventh studio, the awfully named Honestly, Nevermind. You can check out the record below.