Drake makes necklace to symbolise 42 times he almost proposed
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Drake makes necklace to symbolise 42 times he almost proposed

Drake has shown off a new necklace he had made entirely from the diamonds of engagement rings he never quite got around to proposing with.

The Canadian rapper commissioned jewellery designer Alex Moss to assemble the necklace, titled ‘Previous Engagements’. According to Moss, the chunky chain contains 42 diamonds (351.38 carats worth in total) to symbolise “all the times he thought about it but never did it”.

Moss posted a video to showcase the necklace on their Instagram in which a voiceover detailed the skilled design and creation of the necklace. It took 14 months, “every diamond hand selected, inspected to only suit perfection.”

A diamond expert reportedly told Page Six Style that the necklace “looks to be worth approximately $12.5million.”

As yet, Drake has not commented on the prized chain, nor has he suggested who the diamonds may have been intended for in previous relationships.

On Sunday, it was jovially discussed that the ‘Drake curse’ could impact the France vs. Argentina World Cup final. The singer has built a long-standing reputation as a bad luck charm after being photographed with sporting stars or their team’s shirt. 

Drake had bet $1million (£823,000) on Argentina winning the World Cup, and the South American nation overcame the curse, toppling the previous champions, France, following a penalty shoot-out and possibly the greatest final in World Cup history. 

Unfortunately for Drake, his $1million bet didn’t return the goods, despite backing the winning team, because he made a ‘1×2’ bet. This means that he was betting on Argentina winning in regulation time, but a last-minute goal from French superstar Kylian Mbappé meant the game went to extra time and penalties, meaning Drake’s chosen bookies were rubbing their hands together after the match. 

See Drake’s $12.5million necklace made of engagement diamonds below.