Drake co-signs new rapper with: “The Best music ever”
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Drake co-signs new rapper with: "The Best music ever"

Canadian rapper and singer Drake recently took to Instagram to publicly endorse his latest signee, Teezo Touchdown. The Texas emcee is the latest artist to sign with Drake’s OVO Records and is yet to release an album.

However, irrespective of this, Drake has showered Teezo with praise online and has told fans to brace themselves for his exceptional upcoming material, which is some of the best he’s ever heard.

To announce his endorsement Drake (real name Aubrey Graham) shared a series of photos on his Instagram, raving about the 30-year-old rapper and singer’s upcoming body of work.

In a straightforward message, Drake captioned the photos, “Usually it’s a cutthroat cryptic caption for the ones that turned on the gang members, but tonight I just heard some of the best music ever so I am happy, and I will spare you little birdies thanks to @teezotouchdown.”

Teezo has been on the scene since 2018, when he released two mixtapes on SoundCloud. However, only now is the public waking up to his talent. Behind-the-scenes figures have been supporting the rapper for years. Teezo recently featured on Travis Scott’s fourth album, Utopia, and musicians including Tyler, The Creator, and Lil Yachty have shown the emcee support in his journey. 

Teezo recently revealed that How Do You Sleep At Night? will be released on September 9th. However, an official tracklist hasn’t been unveiled. Still, the lyricist has dropped a number of singles, such as ‘Rock Paper Strippers,’ ‘5 O’Clock’, and ‘Familiarity’ in the lead-up.

According to many outlets, this album should be making waves with Dazed describing Teezo as “…a delightfully weird, genre-defying enigma who, without breaking a sweat, combines hip-hop, autotune, radio pop, country music, trap beats, emo-punk, acoustic arpeggios and whatever else is in his brain into infectious, digestible three-minute earworms.” You can see Drake’s posts below.