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Drake and 21 Savage release ‘SNL’ inspired performance with Michael B. Jordan

Drake and 21 Savage have released a video of a Saturday Night Live (SNL) performance that never was. Call it fake, call it staged, call it art, the duo’s mock SNL appearance for ‘On BS’ sees them collaborate with the actor Michael B. Jordan. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, presenting your musical guest for the evening,” Jordan says. “Drake and 21 Savage, performing a song off of one of the most relatable albums of all time, ‘Her Loss’.”

Complete with canned laughter, the spoof is as faithful as it gets and seems very apt for a track called ‘On BS’ given the fact it has pulled the wool over many fans who are wondering when the duo were in the famed studio. 

21 Savage previously appeared on Drake’s 2021 track ‘Knife Talk’ from his album Certified lover Boy and the Toronto rapper repaid the favour with an appearance on Savage and Metro Boomin’s ‘Mr Right Now’ from the Savage Mode II release.

Thus, the duo are no strangers to each other’s style. This was apparent on the seamless first single from Her Loss, ‘Jimmy Cooks’, released last week to announce the impromptu album. 

You can check out the ‘On BS’ video below.