Dr Dre opens up about the current state of hip-hop
(Credit: Jason Persse)


Dr Dre opens up about the current state of hip-hop

In a recent appearance on Kevin Hart’s ‘Hart to Heart’ chat show series, Dr Dre opened up about his views on the current state of hip-hop. The beatmaker (real name Andre Young) called out its haters and expressed his personal taste.

The legendary producer, G-Funk pioneer, and Aftermath Founder has been responsible for breaking a lot of talent in the genre, from Snoop Dogg to 50 Cent and Eminem. However, his opinion concerning contemporary rap music may surprise many.

During the sit-down in-depth conversation with Hart, Young admitted that he doesn’t like “most” of modern hip-hop, but he’s “never gonna hate” on the next generation of rap artists.

The Compton musician explained how music adapts and changes over time and that while the current state of the genre isn’t his favourite, since hip-hop’s birth, it has been “evolving” and changing.

Addressing the new generation critics, Dre asserted, “Anybody that’s talking about the state of hip hop right now, when talking about it from a negative place, sounds like somebody’s fuckin’ grandfather!”

He continued, “This is just what it is. Hip-hop is evolving. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it, you know what I’m saying? I’m keepin’ it all the way 100 with you. Some of this shit, most of this shit, I don’t like. I don’t listen to a lot of that shit. But I’m not hatin’ on it. I’m never gonna hate on it.”

As the founder of Aftermath Entertainment, the home of Kendrick Lamar, Dre explained that while there are a lot of mediocre artists on the scene right now, only some will stay in the history books. Praising Lamar, he labelled him a “forever artist” and insisted he could “disappear for fuckin’ five years or something like that and come back and fuck our heads up.”