Dr Dre is selling rare ‘The Chronic’ collectibles
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Dr Dre is selling rare ‘The Chronic’ collectibles

G-funk pioneer and legendary producer Dr Dre has announced that he will release rare collectables in collaboration with Interscope and Trophy to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his legendary album The Chronic.

Released in 1992, with its singles put out in 1993, this debut body of work was a culture-shifting, genre-advancing masterpiece and, as such, was archived in the USA’s Library of Congress. To honour the project, Dr Dre (real name Andre Young) has recently issued a press release to let fans know that on June 1st, the collectables will be available for fans.

This latest press release discloses what fans can expect, detailing that the first set of collectables available for purchase includes three session tape fine-art print offerings, the Session Tapes Oversized Replicas, and four limited edition skate decks. The statement issued by Interscope Records reads, “Fans and collectors alike are invited to join us on this journey as we revisit one of the most influential hip-hop albums of all time. Stay tuned for all the latest updates, and don’t miss your chance to own a piece of music history.”

Interscope has also released an exciting video preview of what followers will receive, with their caption reading, “On May 10th 1993, @drdre’s single ‘Fuck Wit Dre’ began its explosion. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Chronic album, we proudly present The Chronic Masters – a slow-burn series of limited edition releases honouring the legacy of this classic.”

From his days in the World Class Wrekin Cru to being the creator of Beats Headphones, Dr Dre is known as one of the most business-savvy figures in hip-hop. Recently, the streaming service Spotify praised Young’s music with its RapCaviar playlist, citing the instrumental of ‘Still D.R.E.’ as the ‘Greatest Hip-Hop Beat Of All Time’. However, you can see the video Interscope posted to Instagram below.