Donald Glover reveals ‘Swarm’ series soundtrack EP
(Credit: Donald Glover)


Donald Glover reveals 'Swarm' series soundtrack EP

American musician, actor and producer Donald Glover has recently unveiled his new Amazon Prime Video horror series, Swarm. The ‘This is America’ singer has now released a new EP comprised of the music sung by the fictional pop star Ni’jah, voiced by KIRBY.

Glover executive produced the soundtrack alongside Michael Uzowuru. Further contributions came from Fam Udeorji, Teo Halm, Jeff Kleinman, and others.

Glover created Swarm with Atlanta writer Janine Nabors, and so far, it looks to be a big hit with amazon viewers. The series follows the story of a woman, Dominique Fishback, as she gradually falls into a deep infatuation with Ni’jah, portrayed by Nirine S. Brown. The programme deals with the darker side of icon worship and sees Billie Eilish in her screen debut alongside Chlöe Bailey. 

In recent years, Glover has shifted his focus to the screen and sealed off Atlanta after its successful four-season run late last year. He’s also set to feature in the forthcoming Amazon Prime Video adaptation of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the popular 2005 movie starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Glover is also set to play the role of a villain named Hypno-Hustler in an as-yet-untitled Spider-Man movie. 

In 2020, Glover released and then mysteriously removed some new Childish Gambino material from the internet. This sparked rumours of a new album, but it appears he is focussing on his screen work for now. 
Listen to the Swarm EP below.