Doja Cat dismisses her last two albums as “cash grabs”
(Credit: David LaChapelle)


Doja Cat dismisses her last two albums as "cash grabs"

In a new Twitter post, Doja Cat appeared to discredit her last two albums, 2019’s Hot Pink and 2021’s Planet Her, describing them as “cash grabs”.

Planet Her and Hot Pink were cash-grabs and yall fell for it,” she tweeted today. “Now i can go disappear somewhere and touch grass with my loved ones on an island while yall weep for mediocre pop.”

Some fans have taken Doja Cat’s proclamation as her building hype for her upcoming album, which she maintains is not titled hEllMoUth as some believed, but instead, First of All. She explained: “Its not called hEllMoUth either its called First of All and yes I’m announcing the album title right now.”

Doja Cat’s recent tweets point to her discomfort at her place in popular culture. “My comment section on IG used to be only positivity because I was doing what everyone wanted me to do and I love that I can see through all the b******t now,” she tweeted earlier this week. “It’s nice. Much love to everybody else thats been down since day one I appreciate it.” 

When asked what had changed, Doja said that “after Coachella” she was burned out “doing a bunch of s**t” she doesn’t believe in. She then bemoaned not producing “anything personal”, an instead “cranking out digestible pop hits for children on twitter to get into fights about.”