DL Hughley: Kanye West would “already be in a conservatorship” if he “was a female”
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DL Hughley: Kanye West would “already be in a conservatorship” if he “was a female”

DL Hughley of The Original Kings of Comedy has joined the long line of celebrities to speak out against Kanye West and his controversial outbursts and stunts of late. The comedian argued that if the rapper “was a female”, he would already be in conservatorship. 

Over the past month, West has fallen under widespread scrutiny following his “White Lives Matter” stunt at the Paris Fashion Week. He has since been banned from social media platforms for antisemitic comments and making insensitive comments about George Floyd, the Minnesotan man who was murdered by a police officer in May 2020.

In an attempt to atone for his comments, West apologised to the Black community by drawing parallels between himself, George Floyd and Emmett Till, the young Black boy who was brutally murdered by white men in 1955 and has since become a Civil Rights symbol. 

“Now I don’t understand what comparison he has to George Floyd or Emmett Till, as far as I know, Kanye will rise again,” Hughley told TMZ paparazzo in a new interview.

“And those two people will never rise again. They will always be dead. They’re dead because of white supremacy.”

He continued: “[Floyd] died of a knee on his neck, but nevertheless, he died for a counterfeit 20-dollar bill and America justified it.

“Emmett Till died for whistling at a white woman. You’re in trouble right now because you can’t shut the fuck up,” he said of West. “This whole thing started with Kanye West wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt and then went all the way to this.”

Hughley added: “If Kanye was a female, if he had a vagina, he would already be in a conservatorship. Ask Wendy Williams or Britney Spears, and they didn’t do half the erratic things he did.”

When asked if he thought West “should be in a conservatorship”, Hughley added: “That’s not up to me.”

“I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in making sure that people understand the damage he is doing.”