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DJ Premier reveals he has 10 songs with Kendrick Lamar

DJ Premier has revealed he has made 10 songs with Kendrick Lamar, which are waiting to be released.

Premier was speaking on Ebro In The Morning and opened up about his working relationship with Kendrick. The legendary producer said he hopes the songs see the light of day soon, but ultimately that decision is down to King Kendrick, who only released Mr Morale & The Big Steppers earlier this year.

He explained: “Kendrick had come to see me, we had sat together to work on some stuff, so it didn’t materialize, but just the fact that he even showed up and came in the room.”

Premier continued: “We had a great time just hanging. I made like ten joints for him and he took ’em all even when I’m like, ‘Which one you want me to give?’ He’s like, ‘All of ’em in order from the way you played ’em.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Prem gave props to some other rappers he’s currently digging. He said: “Somebody like DaBaby, I like the way he rhymes. I like the way he writes his lyrics. I think he could handle rapping on a Premier Beat.

“Even [Lil Uzi Vert]…he hits me up and says…’yo people forget I’m from Philly,’ he said, ‘I didn’t wanna rap over ‘Mass Appeal’,’ he said, ‘if you had put me on ‘Full Clip’ instrumental, I would have torn it down’…he can rap, and I love him. ‘Scrape It Off?’ He did his thing on that.”