DJ Kool Herc revealed his favourite rappers of all time
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DJ Kool Herc revealed his favourite rappers of all time

DJ Kool Herc is one of hip-hop’s pioneers and an individual that helped birth the genre. The Jamaican-American (real name Clive Campbell) is responsible for many things people in music take for granted today.

Widely considered a visionary and cultural icon, the Kingston-born disc jockey was the first DJ ever to lay hands on a vinyl record to manipulate it and helped figures such as Grandmaster Flash develop the merry-go-round technique.

The method created an extended break using two records, and Campbell used this method to make a perfect instrumental bed for MCs to rap over, and after performing at block parties in the South Bronx, created history in 1973 when he performed for his sister’s party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue.

On the rare occasions that Campbell gives interviews, people listen, and in 2015, the Godfather of hip-hop had a sit-down interview with The Combat Jack Show, during which Jack asked Campbell about his five favourite MCs.

Fortunately, the pioneer had a list at hand stating, “Melle Mel, Krs-One, Lil Wayne, he’s very witty. Kanye West he’s witty. More technical than Weezy. I listen, man. And Breezy, Chris Brown, I dance.”

After being asked by the hosts about the reasoning behind his choices, Herc explained, “I knew Wayne was going to be he who he is before he did…Every record he touched that he was on, they were hits!”

Although she’s not a rapper, Herc admitted that he loves neo-soul singer Jill Scott and plays her records in the club. However, he unveiled that he really wants to have his own club residency.

Many were shocked by his choices and were questioning why he included Chris Brown who is known to be a singer instead of a rapper. However, you can watch a video of Grandmaster Flash explaining Kool Herc’s merry-go-round technique in the video below.

DJ Kool Herc’s favourite rappers:

  • Melle Mel
  • KRS-One
  • Lil Wayne
  • Kanye West
  • Chris Brown