District attorney explains why she’s using Young Thug and Gunna lyrics for evidence
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District attorney explains why she's using Young Thug and Gunna lyrics for evidence

The district attorney for Fulton County, Fanni Willis, has explained why she’d use Young Thug and Gunna’s lyrics as evidence against them in their RICO case (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act).

The use of lyrics against rappers in criminal cases is controversial, with the state of California’s senate recently approved a bill that limits the use of lyrics as court evidence. However, Willis will still be using them against the musical collective known as YSL, which includes Young Thug and Gunna, who were arrested for gang-related charges.

On August 29th, Willis said to the press: “If you decide to admit your crimes over a beat, I’m gonna use it.” Willis was then asked by a reporter if she was targeting the Atlanta hip-hop scene, to which she responded: “I’m not targeting anyone.”

She added: “However, you do not get to commit crimes in my county and then decide to brag on it – which you do… for a form of intimidation, and to further the gain – and not be held responsible.”

Willis then cited lyrics from the alleged gang members and used the following lines as an example, “Send me the drop, Kick in the house, If we steal a car, I’mma take off the tag”.

“I’m using those lyrics [where] they’re admitting to doing that, and I’m going to continue to do that,” she added. “People can continue to be angry about it, [but] I have some legal advice: Don’t confess to crimes on rap lyrics if you do not want them used – or, at least, get out of my county.”

Meanwhile, Young Thug was recently denied bond for the third time as he awaits trial on gang-related charges following his arrest in May. Both he and Gunna’s trials are set for January 9th, 2023. Gunna has also been denied bail on several occasions.