Diddy calls Ma$e a “fake pastor” and claims he’s owed $3 million
(Credit: Shamsuddin Muhammad)


Diddy calls Ma$e a "fake pastor" and claims he's owed $3 million

Diddy is desperately trying to clear his name from the claims that he takes hard-earned money from his artists, notably the former Bad Boy rapper Ma$e. 

Now, Diddy’s interview on The Breakfast Club show on Power 105.1 has been aired, in which the rap mogul claimed that he had never stolen money from anyone on his label, even though Ma$e would have you believe otherwise.

Diddy said: “Just in general, the Ma$e thing. I did one album with Ma$e. One album. How much money do you think I owe this guy? And then he became a fake pastor and went and conned people. And y’all gonna let him throw dirt on the god’s name? Anybody can come and step up. Bring your receipts. But I’m not playing. I’m back outside, and I’m fighting back for us. And I’m also doing some fighting back for me.”

Puff had been referencing Ma$e’s 1997 debut album Harlem World, although according to iTunes, both Welcome Back and Double Up were also released on Bad Boy. Diddy then said that, if anything, Ma$e owes him $3 million for an album advance that was not delivered.

He said: “Ma$e owes me $3 million. That’s the facts; I got the receipts. And I’m not gonna go back and forth with Ma$e. I’m not going back and forth with nobody. I’m just gonna speak up for myself now. Anybody that thinks I owe them something, show me the receipt, and you’ll get paid within 24 hours.”

Diddy has previously received several complaints from ex-Bad Boy artists over lack of payments, although Ma$e has been the most consistent. In March, Ma$e released what appeared to be a Diddy diss-track ‘Oracle 2: Standing on Bodies, where he calls out the hip-hop mogul for doing the dirty on his label’s artists.