Diddy has announced his first new album in 17 years
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Diddy has announced his first new album in 17 years

Bad Boy Entertainment founder and hip-hop mogul Diddy has announced that he will be releasing a new project which will be his first full-length solo studio album since his 2006 album Press Play. 

The former emcee and music producer (real name Sean Combs), akin to the likes of 50 Cent, has been an integral part of building African-American television and streaming platforms. He has also created and helped market luxury brands to the black community. However, he has now decided to re-enter the recording industry. 

Press Play was Diddy’s fourth studio album but was extremely successful and really contained some popular tracks. ‘Last Night’ featuring Keyshia Cole peaked at number ten on the Billboard Hot 100 but was a big hit in the clubs as a slow jam song.

The song is still extremely popular to this day, and acting as the second single for Diddy’s 2006 album, Press Play, entered the Billboard 200 at number one and stayed there. It was Diddy’s first release in four years at the time and was a surprising number one for him.

However, despite its success, Combs never released an album as a solo artist again and briefly released music as the frontman of Diddy Dirty Money alongside singers Kaleena Harper and Dawn Richard during the early-2010s.

In a quest to re-enter the music business as an artist, Combs has decided to record The Love Album: Off The Grid, which will be released on September 15th. Taking to Instagram, the rapper wrote, “September 15, 2023, R&B is alive!” The musician also released a visual trailer to encapsulate the body of work and build anticipation.

The clip sees Combs speak about his emotions, stating, “My heart has been broken I still got that question of like, ‘Am I gonna love again? We in the love ear. That’s the frequency that I’m asking you to be a part of.” You can watch the trailer for the mogul’s upcoming project below.