Diddy and Michael J Ferguson lock heads in Halloween spat
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Diddy and Michael J Ferguson lock heads in Halloween spat

Diddy nearly got on the wrong side of Power actor Michael J. Ferguson while out celebrating Halloween last weekend. In a recently-surfaced video, The rapper – dressed up as Heath Ledger’s version of The Joker from The Dark Knight – can be seen engaging in a heated argument with the Power Book II: Ghost actor.

Diddy’s celebrations came to an abrupt end this past weekend when he and Michael J. Ferguson locked heads. In a new video, Ferguson, who played 2-Bit in the two Power films, can be heard calling Diddy a “pussy” while Diddy laughs maniacally, evoking the unhinged aggression of The Joker.

Diddy was clearly riled. “You’re a clown,” he says to Ferguson. “What’s up, baby. You don’t like me? You muthafuckin’ frontin’. Get to it, bitch. Don’t fucking play with me on Halloween. I’m out here with love, nigga…What’s up? Come over here and I’ll bust your shit. Next time, you don’t never talk to me like that, nigga. I’m Love.”

All the while, Ferguson keeps a half-smile on his face, waiting while the billionaire rapper unleashes a whole load of pent-up aggression. “Why you coming at me like that, God?”he goes on.. “Me and you got a problem? You really taking over my energy right now?”

For a moment, it looks as though Ferguson might be about to engage, but it soon becomes clear that the actor has no idea who he’s talking to. After Ferguson reveals his identity, the pair call it quits and embrace. “You lucky, though, nigga. I’m really ’bout that,” Diddy says mid-hug.

Keen to put the incident to be, Diddy commented on the comment section of the video on The ShadeRoo.”Had a fun night. It’s all love,” he wrote. “Hugged like Black kings should do when it comes to some bullshit.” In a seperate comment, he added, “Love love love.”