Desiigner set to enter guilty plea for indecent exposure
(Credit: Joseph Riggs)


Desiigner set to enter guilty plea for indecent exposure

According to reports, rapper Desiigner is set to enter a guilty plea that will see him avoiding jail for indecent exposure. 

TMZ Hip Hop reports that the rapper is scheduled to formally agree to the deal today, September 8th. This will see him receive two years probation, 120 hours of community service, a $5k fine and a public apology to the flight attendants. 

Back in April, Desiigner was first charged with indecent exposure. The ‘Panda’ musician allegedly exposed himself on “multiple” occasions whilst seated in the Delta One cabin and is claimed to have masturbated during the flight to Japan. 

He was reported to have been handed an FAA violation card following the incident and was moved to the plane’s rear with his companions to be monitored. He was detained and interviewed upon landing. He was charged in Minnesota as he was flying from there to the Asian country. 

Providing a statement to TMZ, Desiigner claimed his medication caused the incident. He entered a mental health facility after it unfolded. 

“For the past few months i have not been ok, and i have been struggling to come to terms with what is going on,” he began. “While overseas for a concert i performed at, i had to be admitted in to a hospital, i was not thinking clearly.”

He continued: “They gave me meds, and i had to hop on a plane home. I am ashamed of my actions that happened on that plane. I landed back to the states, and am admitting my self in a facility to help me. I will be cancelling all of my shows and any obligations until further notice. Mental health is real guys, please pray for me. If you’re [sic] not feeling like yourself please get help.”