Daz Dilllinger claims Jay-Z owes him money for ‘Still D.R.E.’
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Daz Dilllinger claims Jay-Z owes him money for 'Still D.R.E.'

Rapper Daz Dillinger has claimed that Jay-Z owes him money after apparently taking inspiration from one of his tracks for Dr. Dre’s ‘Still D.R.E.’

Dillinger made his interesting claim during a recent interview on Home Grown Radio PodcastThere, he discussed his impact on West Coast hip-hop, his time on Death Row Records and many other aspects of his life. At one point in the chat, he turned his attention to one of Dr. Dre’s classic songs.

It has long been known that Dre asked Jay-Z to ghostwrite the lyrics for the 1999 hit, which was one of the rapper’s comeback singles, following the successes of his 1992 debut, The Chronic. However, Dillinger thinks Jay-Z might have borrowed and rejigged some of his lines for the song’s bars.

Dillinger maintained that per whosampled.com, a cut called ‘Serial Killa’ was suggested as a reference of ‘Still D.R.E.’. The track was featured on Snoop Dogg’s 1993 debut, Doggystyle, and featured Tha Dogg Pound, the duo made up of Dillinger and Kurupt, as well as The D.O.C. and RBX.

Dillinger then claimed that Jay-Z was inspired by one of his lines from the track: “If you ain’t up on thangs / Snoop Dogg is the name, Dogg Pound’s the game / It’s like this, they don’t understand.”

Referencing the bars on Dre’s track, he said: “(If you ain’t up on thangs) Dr. Dre is the name / I’m ahead of my game.”

“So in my mind, JAY-Z was listening to ‘Serial Killa’ while he was writing that muthafuckin’ rhyme, and I wanna get my money for that,” Dillinger commented before suggesting he did try and contact the pair about the song but was threatened with legal action. 

“Music has no statute of limitations,” Dillinger said before calling out Jay-Z and demanding “some percentages”.