Danny Brown reveals the “worst tour” he ever went on
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Danny Brown reveals the "worst tour" he ever went on

Detroit emcee Danny Brown is a one-of-a-kind artist who is incomparable to any artist in hip-hop right now. The lyricist (real name Daniel Sewell) is a truly unique character in every sense and a genuine creative. However, early in his career, he had some terrible experiences.

During his rise to fame, Danny Brown released a series of highly successful projects including his Detroit State of Mind mixtape series as well as his debut album – The Hybrid. Following the building of a cult fanbase, Brown went on several tours. However, there is one that he considers “the worst.”

During a recent episode of The Danny Brown Show, the Detroit rapper spoke to the Maryland rapper Redveil about his experience opening for Childish Gambino on tour in 2012 after their collaboration on the track ‘Toxic’. Speaking to his fellow emcee, Sewell admitted he “cried like a little bitch” after getting booed by his fans.

Elaborating, Sewell continued, “I mean, shit, man, Childish Gambino. I remember when I first did ‘Toxic’, people weren’t really fucking with Childish Gambino like that around that time. ‘Cause I remember when he asked me to go on that tour. My manager at the time was like, ‘You sure you wanna do this?’ I’m like, ‘Hell yeah, fuck that. I’m tryna get on the road.’ Which was, I will say, that was like one of the worst tours I ever played.”

He expressed how much it hurt him emotionally, disclosing, “They hated my guts every night – I was getting booed off stage. I remember I was crying one night, crying crocodile tears like a little bitch, sitting in some diner. We had some hoes with us and everything. I ain’t even wanna do with the bitches, man. I’m like, ‘They hate me, man. This shit sucks. I’m really trash.'”

Danny Brown revealed that he recognised how different his music was compared to Childish Gambino’s but expressed how impressed he was by his many talents, proclaiming, “They was hating my ass, dawg, that whole entire tour. But when I look at it, man, our music was so different. Like, I was coming from a whole different perspective than what he was coming on. But then when I got in the studio, I’m like, ‘Oh no, this n*gga is dope.'”

The two eccentric alternative hip-hop artists haven’t collaborated since 2012. However, Danny Brown made it abundantly clear on his show that he respects Gambino (real name Donald Glover). You can listen to Danny Brown in the video below.