Dame Dash once admitted that Jay-Z made him look cool
(Credit: Timothy M. Moore)

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Dame Dash once admitted that Jay-Z made him look cool

Jay-Z and Dame Dash were once the closest of friends and, in the mid-’90s, founded Roc-A-Fella Records following a string of label rejections. The two created a dynasty that lasted into the mid-200s. However, a fallout between the two meant that in 2008, Jay-Z broke off to start a new entertainment agency and label, Roc Nation. 

The two moguls have had a strained relationship over the years. However, last year the pair were pictured together at a birthday party held for a mutual friend in which they seemed amicable.

Although, outwardly to the public, it seems as if there is bitterness in Dash towards Carter, he happily attended Jay Z’s 2014 Magna Carta World Tour performance in LA. However, what he was not expecting was for the Brooklyn rapper to shout out his daughter during his set.  

In an interview with Revolt TV, the businessman admitted that it reminded him of why he went into business with Carter, explaining, “When Jay gave my daughter a shout out, that was all that I ever was in business with Jay for. You know what I’m saying? Like that was it…That was the thing that my daughter got to get the shout out from the biggest rap star on the planet and go to school with that.” 

He continued to elaborate on how that helped him look cool in the eyes of his daughter, divulging, “She was able to be treated with that much respect. And watched her father have so much fun around people that affect pop culture every day that her friends in school know that I had a part of that. So, that’s all I really wanna do is look cool in front of my children.”

Although at present, there is no relationship between Jay and Dash, in a 2013 HOT97 interview, the Reasonable Doubt musician disclosed his thoughts about Dash and Roc-A-Fella, stating, “What we built, you can’t take that away.”

He continued, “No matter what, no time or space. No matter how many years I ain’t seen him, the love is still there because what we’ve done will forever be stamped in history. We created something that’s going to go down forever. I can only have love for Damon.” You can watch Damon Dash talk about his former partner in the video below.