Crunchy Black alleges Gangsta Boo was killed by her brother
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Crunchy Black alleges Gangsta Boo was killed by her brother

Earlier this year, the iconic Memphis female emcee Gangsta Boo passed away from an accidental overdose of fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol. However, the Three 6 Mafia hype man, Crunchy Black, has alleged that her death was not an accident but was instead the fault of her brother, E Gutta.

Crunchy Black was once close to E Gutta and his Three 6 Mafia counterpart Gangsta Boo (real name Lola Mitchell) but has suspicions surrounding her unexpected death and has publicly proclaimed his opinion.

The former Three 6 Mafia member (real name Darnell Carlton) highlighted how Mitchell’s brother also overdosed the night that she passed away. However, E Gutta survived despite his hospitalisation. Carlton showcased a social media post from an individual who has spent time in prison alongside E Gutta since the incident, perpetuating the narrative that he coerced the female emcee to ingest the drugs.

Reposting what many consider a conspiracy, Carlton wrote, “God is good. He sent me this to post, and sure, against the boo brother, we on your ass. He was in jail y’all talking about how he hate her how he going to do something to her if anybody f*ck with boo.”

He continued, “You know she had a good heart. Things that she couldn’t do, she wouldn’t going to do it. Things that she could do, you can depend on her being there for you. I’m being there for my friend get it how you live or don’t live at all. Miss you love you just like I miss my daughter.”

However, the hypeman then proceeded to make some astonishing allegations concerning E Gutta, writing, “I’m Never Scared and I want [justice] for Gangster boo…Bitch a** n*gga kill his sister because she wasn’t able to do things for his bitch a** when he was in jail. It wasn’t her fault that a n*gga don’t want to get out of here and work for something to have something like she was doing. And you want a grown man want a grown woman to take care of him just because that’s his sister? Kill your f*cking self!”

Many hip-hop fans see it as extremely poor taste for Crunchy Black to make Mitchell’s family and the city of Memphis relive the trauma of losing such a dear figure and have lost a great deal of respect for him as a result of his shenanigans.