Common reveals he’s releasing a new album with Pete Rock
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Common reveals he's releasing a new album with Pete Rock

Common is one of Chicago’s first success stories. With his career origins in the mid-’90s, Common is known for his lyrical ability and extremely conscious lyrics. renowned for having a very soulful and jazz-inspired type of sonic. The rapper is also a known poet.

However, Common has been dormant for a long time, so it came as a surprise to fans when the artist recently revealed to MSNBC’s Ari Melber that he is back in the studio working on new music with the iconic producer and DJ Pete Rock.

In an interview with Melber for MSNBC’s series The Beat, the former Soulquarian explained his inspiration for getting back in the studio as he revealed, “I been listening to a lot of ’90s Hip Hop because I been creating a new project.”

He continued, “I’m working on a new album with Pete Rock, and just the energy of that music, whether it’s Brand Nubian, A Tribe Called Quest, or De La Soul, because they just got their music on streaming, it’s been inspiring to hear.”

However, he continued to assure fans and Melber alike that he is in a different state, disclosing, “But I am creating new music right now. I’m in a great space.” The Be emcee has attempted to modernise his sound before. However, his futuristic 2008 project, Universal Mind Control, was received poorly.

The lyricist also chimed in about this year’s hip-hop birthday celebrations and unveiled that he’s honoured to be “part of the progression” in a genre that “brings people together.”

Pete Rock and Common have collaborated previously. Pete Rock produced Common’s Ice Cube diss ‘The Bitch In Yoo’ as well as ‘Verbal Murder 2. You can watch Common’s interview with Ari Melber below.