Common explains how Jay-Z helped him change his mindset
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Common explains how Jay-Z helped him change his mindset

During a recent appearance on HOT 97.0, Chicago legend Common recently explained how Brooklyn lyricist Jay-Z helped him change his entire mindset and outlook on life concerning rest.

Speaking to radio personality Ebro Darden on the morning radio show Ebro In The Morning, Common (real name Lonnie Lynn) explained how Jay-Z inspired him to have a better work-life balance, stating, “Jay-Z was saying something about a vacation and whatever, and I was like, ‘Man, I don’t be taking no vacation.’”

He continued, “He was like, ‘What? You tripping, like what’s up with you, bro? It ain’t about that — you got to take some time to yourself. I was listening like, ‘Okay, he sayin’ something.’ Lemme listen to this brotha. […] We learn from a lot of people.”

Lynn continued to explain to Darden and his co-host, Peter Rosenberg, how much he now values taking time out, resting and recharging. Following this, he addressed Yasiin Bey’s [Mos Def’s] criticism of Drake, labelled the Canadian as a “pop” artist.

He explained how people can do what they want. However, he insisted that he remains pure with his art, disclosing, “I wrote a song called ‘I Used to Love H.E.R.’, and that joint was really speaking to when it started becoming real corporate and losing the purity of it. I think now, artists can be artists. Some people, if their intention is to just be a pop artist, then so be it.”

Expressing his love for Drake, Common stated, “To me, I think Drake comes from Hip Hop. When I first heard him rhyming, I was like, ‘Yo, this dude rhyming.’ And if he goes out and makes songs that are popular, then that’s what it is. He’s still an MC.”

He concluded, “The dude is an incredible songwriter, he’s an incredible artist. You can’t touch that many people, for as long a time as he’s been doing […] This man has touched different aspects of culture and been able to continue to do it. You gotta have some respect and know that this dude is a very talented artist.”