Chuck D says Tupac Shakur beat up thief for Public Enemy
(Credit: Kim Metso)


Chuck D says Tupac Shakur beat up thief for Public Enemy

Public Enemy leader Chuck D has disclosed a story about the late Tupac beating a thief up out of loyalty to the political hip-hop outfit. 

D recounted the short tale during a recent chat on Sway in the Morning, dating back to the 1990s. In it, the Apocalypse 91… rapper discussed Tupac being something of an apprentice to Oakland’s alternative hip-hop outfit, Digital Underground. He said that Queen Latifah “introduced him to her rookies”, which led to him meeting Tupac and others, such as Treach.

Here, Chuck D told the “quick story” about the late All Eyez on Me rapper. “We were in Oklahoma City one time, and somebody went and stole stuff out of the backstage”, he said. “They found the dude… and ‘Pac said somebody told him that was the dude. ‘Pac went upside this dude’s head. I said, ‘Yo, ‘Pac, it’s not that deep man’, but ‘Pac wanted to prove, ‘Listen, I’m ridin’ for y’all!’.”

This is not the first time Chuck D has shared stories about Tupac. In 2014, he posted a letter written in 1995 by the New Yorker while in jail on Twitter. D had asked Tupac if he’d collaborate on ‘Da Struggle Continues’.

“I’m sure [you] know how highly respected [and] loved [you are] by me so your letter definitely warmed my heart,” Tupac responded. “I was also touched by your offer and show of support. It will not go unnoticed. Thanx!”